Pute douala put a spell on you traduction

pute douala put a spell on you traduction

see why you have to put on a phoney English accent. She had put all her trust in him. . Sink, new bathroom, new kitchen mettre We're having a new sink unit put. Mais Elmer voulait partir avec la pute.

  Elle avait fait courir le bruit que Melanie avait une liaison avec le patron. Put in for vt fus job poser sa candidature pour I decided to put in for a job as deputy secretary. She asked me to be serious, saying it put her off if I laughed. This will put us back ten years. . Could you put me through to Accounts, please? I haven't even put any lipstick. (increase) price, tax, cost augmenter They know he would put their taxes. Spiteful tongue ; sharp tongue, vulg.

  Je vais poser ces sacs une minute. Play, show monter The band are hoping to put on a UK show before the end of the year. Down    se dénigrer You must stop putting yourself down like this. (suppress) revolt, rebellion réprimer, écraser Soldiers went in to put down a rebellion. He put the case to the Saudi Foreign Minister. (postpone) event remettre à plus tard They've put their wedding off. It took them five hours to put out the fire. .

(disregard) idea, problem, remark laisser de côté It's a problem which they usually put aside. (write) mettre, he couldn't read what Ken had put for his address. Smell, sight, habit dégoûter, rebuter We tried to visit the Abbey but were put off by the queues. . "Did somebody put you up to it?" she asked. She was put upon by everyone who just exploited her natural generosity. Light, radio, oven allumer I put the radio. She put the case down. Let's go into the study and put on some music. (say, express) dire question poser, i put this question to Dr Leslie Cook.

Work, effort fournir He put in a lot of effort to get the project finished on time.   Si vous avez une question, levez la main. Next week it'll be time to put the clocks forward an hour. . Did you put a second telephone line in? They put their business up for sale. Brake mettre * (tease) person faire marcher (inform, indicate) to put sb on to sb/sth    indiquer qn/qch à qn One of his friends put him onto a good lawyer. Can you put me through to the manager? . She's as sticky as an old whore. 'pute' also found in translations in English-French dictionary hood rat.

Don't forget to put in your claim for expenses.   Nous avons dû fournir trois heures de travail par nuit. She was getting very sick of Mick's put-downs.   Je vais mettre les pommes de terre à cuire.   Est-ce que j'éteins la lumière?   Tu peux ranger la vaisselle, s'il te plaît? The cost of petrol has been put.

To put in a job application    poser sa candidature I put in an application for a job in Paris. .   J'ai offert de l'héberger. They put away the whole chicken. The college put up a plaque to the institution's founder. We're putting on "Bugsy Malone". . Whore, slang, additional comments: Collaborative Dictionary   French-English sale pute. This term is linked to the culture of the American ghettos and to hip-hop culture.   Il a pris un air innocent. Put off vt sep light éteindre Shall I put the light off? .

The hotel is putting on buses to transport people to the match. He's not easily put off. .   Je ne le mettrais pas dans la même catégorie que Verdi. He always put his point of view with clarity and with courage. Put forward vt sep idea, argument, suggestion avancer, proposer These were the arguments which Carson put forward.

His personal habits put her off. . Agreement, package mettre sur pied We wouldn't have time to put together an agreement. To stay put    ne pas bouger We've decided to stay put this summer. Claim, request, complaint faire I put in a request for an interview.   La semaine prochaine, il sera temps d'avancer les horloges d'une heure. She was just putting. Sales remain constantly high.

Pute douala put a spell on you traduction - Traduction put français Dictionnaire

The security forces might have made some mistakes, as he put. (cause to wait) person faire attendre They wanted to come this evening but I put them off until tomorrow. . To put sb through hell    en faire voir à qn Those two husbands put me through hell. .   J'ai posé ma candidature pour un poste à Paris.   La compagnie m'a logé dans un petit hôtel pour la nuit. Je vais le mettre au mur.   Il a fourni beaucoup de travail pour ce projet. (in writing) noter I had prepared for the meeting by putting down what I wanted from them. Yeah, the character of a little bitch. There was enough put by for her fare. Tent monter They put up their tents and settled down for the night. To put sb off doing sth    dégoûter qn de faire qch That documentary has put me off eating in restaurants for life. . (save) sum of money mettre de côté She put aside a small sum every week to pay for her annual holiday. Put back vt sep (replace) remettre Could you put the milk back in the fridge? Firemen tried to put out the blaze. Cela nous ramènera dix ans en arrière. An entertaining book that puts over serious health messages He has taken out a half-page advertisement in his local paper to put his point across. Nous avons essayé de pute douala put a spell on you traduction visiter l'abbaye mais les queues nous en ont dissuadés. Nf * whore, il s'agissait de la dernière interview d'une pute avant la fermeture définitive du bordel. I put it down to having good staff. Umbrella, parasol ouvrir They put up the parasol to protect themselves from the strong sun. I keep putting it off. . He should be put away. I wouldn't put him in the same class as Verdi. . Mishka put down a heavy shopping bag. Je ne vais pas supporter ça plus longtemps. Salope ; pute ; catin, fam.;Vulg. Travelling west meant that we had to put our watches back. He's put a lot of time in on this. . Losses are put at 200,000. . The army was sent in to put down the revolt. (raise) hand lever to put one's hand up lever la main If you have any questions, put up your hand. . I put it to you that. . Slang / argot insulte suprême pour certains, classique pour d'autres do the dirty on. (build, erect) building, fence construire He was putting up a new fence at his home. Mon ami va m'héberger pour la nuit. Fils de pute ; salaud ; enfoiré. The bookies put out this story that there was a bloke in Liverpool who stood to make all this money if I won in Atlanta. Up on Filmore district. Maximo put on a pair of glasses. Il y a mis beaucoup de son temps.

  Je n'arrête pas de remettre ça à plus tard. (attribute) to put sth down to sth    mettre qch au compte de qch I put it down to arthritis. Slang/familier, injure You want to reject this entry: please give us your comments (bad translation/definition, duplicate entries.) " pute examples and translations in context Cette vieille pute attend ma mort. Elle grince comme une vieille pute.   Est-ce que vous pouvez mettre ça de côté pour moi jusqu'à demain? Goods mettre de côté Can you put this aside for me till tomorrow? .   Je lui donnerais la cinquantaine.

Vi (postpone) to put off doing sth    remettre à plus tard de faire qch They kept putting off signing the paper. The merchant banks raise capital for industry. Put-on * adj (feigned) affecté (e) put out adj (annoyed) contrarié (e) I did not blame him for feeling put out. One's hand tendre She put her hand out and tried to touch her mother's arm. Let's say we weren't the best of friends.

  La réunion a été remise au mois prochain. We'll have a winter holiday instead. Out    se déranger Please don't put yourself out. (invest) to put a lot of time into sth    consacrer beaucoup de temps à qch. We're going to get central heating put. . Date, watch, clock avancer Remember to put forward your clocks tonight. Person (inconvenience) déranger I hope I'm not putting you out. Vi to put out to sea    lever l'ancre, appareiller to put out from Plymouth    appareiller de Plymouth, lever l'ancre de Plymouth put through vt sep (on phone) caller passer call passer He put the call through to Finance. I put the book back on the shelf. . I put 20 on Jaipur Princess. .

(prostitute) pute ; putain ; prostituée. Put that dirty hooker on the phone. He put down his pen. More than the rest of them put together    plus qu'eux tous réunis She felt she did more work than the rest of the team put together.   Ce documentaire m'a à jamais dégoûté de manger au restaurant.

(delay) retarder This will put production back at least a month. .   Est-ce que vous pouvez me passer le directeur? She took up a slice of bread, broke it nervously, then put it aside. Meal préparer team mettre sur pied He is trying to put a team together for next season. I would put her age at about. .

To put sth up for sale    mettre qch en vente They decided to put the house up for sale.   Je trouve qu'on profite de moi. Watch, clock retarder When summer time ends, clocks must be put back an hour. Le caractère d'une petite pute. Put about vt sep rumour faire courir The King had been putting about lurid rumours for months. He has put in a lot of work on this project. .

Record, music mettre She poured them drinks, and put a record on loud. Can you put the light out? She's putting the baby to bed. . (pay) money, deposit verser I put down a deposit of 12,000.   Mettez une casserole d'eau à frémir.

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